BluSmart Eyes Dubai Market: A New Challenge to Ride-Hailing Giants

The Indian ride-hailing startup BluSmart, renowned for deploying an all-electric vehicle fleet, has recently expanded its operations to Dubai. This move pitches the green mobility firm directly against established players like Careem, Uber, and Hala.

BluSmart’s Strategic Move

Since its inception in 2019 by founders Anmol Jaggi, Puneet Jaggi, and Punit Goyal, BluSmart has aggressively adopted green innovations in the urban mobility space, starting with operations in Gurugram and Delhi. The startup’s focus on electric vehicles (EVs) aligns with growing global environmental concerns and positions it well in markets prioritizing sustainable solutions.

Investment and Fleet Expansion

With an infusion of $25 million from the Switzerland-based ResponsAbility impact fund in January, BluSmart has significantly bolstered its charging infrastructure. The company’s fleet has since grown to over 7,300 EVs, collectively covering roughly 286 million miles. With ambitions to scale up to 10,000 EVs by the end of 2024, BluSmart is not just expanding geographically but also enhancing its capability.

Challenges in the Dubai Market

Entering Dubai, BluSmart confronts a well-entrenched trio of competitors: Careem, Uber, and Hala. Each of these companies has a firm foothold in the Middle Eastern market, with established brand recognition and consumer trust. BluSmart’s challenge will not only be to introduce a new service model but to convincingly pitch its sustainability angle to environmentally conscious consumers in the region.

Consumer Shift and Market Dynamics

The urban mobility landscape is rapidly evolving, with increasing emphasis on sustainability and reduced carbon footprints. BluSmart’s all-EV approach might come as a breath of fresh air in Dubai, where economic diversification strategies increasingly favor environmentally friendly solutions. However, translating this into consumer preference and habitual use will require nuanced market strategies and robust service execution.


BluSmart’s foray into Dubai represents a significant test of its business model, which is uniquely reliant on electric vehicles and a sustainable framework. The company’s expansion strategy into competitive markets showcases a bold commitment to its core values, setting a precedent for other mobility players.

As BluSmart carves its niche in Dubai, it will be intriguing to observe how their commitment to sustainability influences the established ride-hailing market dynamics and consumer choices. Will their environmentally friendly model be enough to disrupt the established orders? Only time will tell.

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