Return to the Stars: Blue Origin’s New Shepard Set for Historic Crewed Launch

After a two-year hiatus, Blue Origin is poised to send its New Shepard rocket back into space. Scheduled for May 19, 2024, this marks a significant return to crewed space flights for the company. The launch, designated NS-25, will ascend from Blue Origin’s facility in West Texas. The slated crew includes pioneering individuals such as Ed Dwight, the first Black astronaut candidate, and Mason Angel, a noted investor and entrepreneur.

Background and Delays

Since its last crewed mission in August 2022, New Shepard had faced setbacks following a mission anomaly that led to a dramatic abort situation. Thankfully, while the crew capsule safely descended via parachute, the rocket booster was not recovered. The subsequent investigation led by the FAA and Blue Origin pinpointed the malfunction to overheating in the BE-3PM engine. Notably, 21 corrective actions were mandated before the resumption of manned missions. These exhaustive safety measures have now set the stage for NS-25, promising enhanced reliability in future operations.

Blue Origin’s Evolving Fleet

Pioneering magnate Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin has developed the sole operational rocket New Shepard, which has conducted 24 flights since its inaugural launch in 2015. NS-25’s upcoming journey will mark its seventh mission carrying humans. Beyond New Shepard, Blue Origin is ambitiously expanding its horizon with several projects under development including the powerful New Glenn rocket, the Blue Moon lunar lander, and the innovative Blue Ring spacecraft.

Historic Significance of NS-25

This mission is not about technical triumph alone. It’s significantly marked by the inclusion of Ed Dwight, who is celebrated as the first Black astronaut candidate. His presence on this mission notes a continuing dedication to diversity in space travel, alongside the participation of Mason Angel, whose vision as founder of Industrious Ventures aligns with the innovative spirit of commercial spaceflight.

What Lies Ahead for Blue Origin and Commercial Space Travel

Blue Origin’s resume of crewed flights with New Shepard NS-25 is poised to reinvigorate interest and confidence in commercial space ventures. This flight will test the mettle of the technical improvements made to New Shepard and set precedence for future missions. With a line of sprawling projects like New Glenn and Blue Moon, Blue Origin is vying to broaden its footprint in the aerospace industry, promising newer avenues for space exploration and commercial exploitation.


The success of NS-25 could well dictate the near future of crewed space travel, demonstrating Blue Origin’s commitment to safety, innovation, and diversity. As Blue Origin writes its next chapter, the aerospace community and the world eagerly anticipate May 19, 2024, a day that may well mark a new era in space exploration.

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