Revolutionizing EV Charging for Urban Dwellers: Orange Charger’s Smart Solution

The roots of Orange Charger trace back to a challenge posed to its founder, Nicholas Johnson, which illuminated a significant barrier for urban electric vehicle (EV) owners—adequate charging options. This venture stemmed from Johnson’s firsthand experience with the inadequacies of current EV charging options for those without access to garage or personal charging spots. Orange Charger’s solution? Smart, adaptable 240-volt charging outlets manageable via an app. Let’s explore how this innovation not only simplifies the logistics of EV charging for apartment residents but also reflects broader industry trends and technological advancements.

Background and Origin

Founder Nicholas Johnson found his inspiration in a personal setback—a lost bet involving daily commuting using only a Level 1 outlet for six months. This challenge highlighted the practical difficulties faced by many urban EV owners and sparked the development of a more suitable solution. Johnson’s response was the creation of a prototype that has evolved into what Orange Charger is today: a provider of 240-volt smart outlets designed specifically for apartment dwellers.

Investment and Market Confidence

Orange Charger has rapidly gained traction, securing a $6.5 million oversubscribed seed funding round led by prominent investors like Munich Re Ventures and Climactic. This funding underscores the market’s confidence in Orange Charger’s innovative approach and its potential to disrupt traditional EV charging paradigms.

Technological Advancements and Features

Orange Charger’s technology stands out for its user-friendly design and technical prowess. The smart outlets are capable of enduring over 10,000 cycles of plugging and unplugging, feature Bluetooth connectivity for easy management, and rely on a robust mesh network to ensure operational reliability even in connectivity-deprived environments. These features collectively address the core needs of urban EV owners—accessibility, reliability, and ease of use.

Strategic Market Position and Future Prospects

The burgeoning demand for EVs indicates a looming expansion in the market for related infrastructure, particularly in urban areas where traditional charging options are often unfeasible. By 2040, the U.S. Department of Energy anticipates a significant increase in EV adoption. Orange Charger is strategically positioned to meet the growing needs with its cost-effective, reliable solutions tailored for apartment residents. This foresight into market needs is paving the way for Orange Charger to be a critical player in the EV infrastructure boom.


Orange Charger’s approach does more than just provide a necessary utility—it also encourages the adoption of EVs among urban residents who might otherwise hesitate due to charging logistics. The company’s innovative use of technology and responsiveness to market demands place it well within the trajectory for future growth and influence in the evolving landscape of urban transportation.

As we watch Orange Charger expand and adapt, it’s clear that the intersections of innovation, investment, and infrastructure are defining the future of urban EV charging solutions. What are your thoughts on the potential impacts of such technological advancements in your city? Share your views and join the conversation below!

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