Startup IPO Outlook for 2024: Who’s In and Who’s Out?

As we edge closer to 2024, the buzz around which startups will go public continues to intensify. Despite a somewhat tepid IPO market projected for much of 2024, several companies are lining up potential public offerings, indicative of their confidence or strategic pressures. However, there remains a significant segment of high-profile startups that seem less likely to embrace the public markets just yet.

Startups Steering Clear of 2024 IPOs

Several notable companies have signaled their intent to delay entering the public arena until at least 2025 or beyond, influenced by a variety of strategic considerations and market conditions.

  • Plaid: Known for its vital role in the B2B fintech sector, Plaid has made it clear that an IPO is not on the agenda for 2024. This decision might be reflective of the company’s focus on further scaling its operations and enhancing its product offerings in a highly competitive market.
  • Figma: Despite being a darling in the design space and achieving unicorn status, Figma is steering away from an IPO this coming year. Recent moves such as a tender offer for insiders suggest a strategy geared towards stability and internal growth in the short term.
  • Stripe: Another fintech leader, Stripe has also participated in a tender offer recently, indicating a focus on valuation reconstruction amidst the current uncertain economic landscape rather than preparing for a public debut.
  • Databricks: Previously speculated to be on the IPO track, this AI cloud platform is now seen as unlikely to go public in 2024. The company may be taking more time to bolster its market position and technology in a rapidly evolving sector.
  • Canva: As a major player in the creative design startup landscape, Canva’s IPO is not expected until possibly 2026, pushing their timeline further out compared to earlier predictions.


The decision to go public is monumental for any startup, involving meticulous preparation and timing aligned to both internal readiness and external market conditions. As 2024 approaches, it becomes apparent that while some are moving towards this significant transition, others choose to fortify their foundations amid a fluctuating economic climate.

Stay tuned as we continue to monitor the changes in the IPO aspirations of these and other startups, providing updated insights on who is likely to make the leap and who is opting to wait.

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